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Advanced Physical Health is a family practice including husband and wife team, Dr. Sylvie Carpetier and Dr. Matthew White, as well as their daughter, Dr. Monique White. Together, our doctors have over 80 years of experience! They work in concert with other healthcare disciplines in order to best understand your health issues quickly and apply the right treatment to get you back to your optimal health.

Columbia, MO Chiropractor

Matthew White, D.C. and Sylvie Carpentier, D.C.
Dr.'s Carpentier and White are a husband and wife team that have been in practice serving Columbia, Missouri as chiropractic physicians for 35 years. They are also both certified to practice Acupuncture in Missouri through the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. They met while in chiropractic school in St. Louis, Missouri and opened their practice together. They have served Columbia for nearly four decades!

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Chiropractor Columbia MO

Monique White, D.C., MS, ICCSP, Perinatal Certified, Webster Certified

Dr. Monique is a second generation Chiropractic Physician practicing in Columbia Missouri. She is the daughter of Dr.'s White and Carpentier. She attained her Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation and she is an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. She is certified in Acupuncture as well. She is a Perinatal and Webster certified chiropractor, so she has undergone advanced training to care for pregnant patients. 

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Patty Ann Price

Patty Ann has been with the clinic for over 35 years. She often surprises patients by knowing their names when they walk in and recognizing their voice on the phone. She has a wonderful laugh and brings a lot of joy to the reception area! She has two sons and a granddaughter!

Amanda George

Amanda is our very knowledgable health insurance specialist. She works individually with our patients to assist them in learning and using their health insurance benefits. She stays up to the date with the ever-changing health insurance policies. She has been with us for over 25 years. She is an angel!

Brianne Blakemore

We first met Brianne at the office when she came in as a patient. We were treating her boyfriend (now husband!) and he referred her in for help with recurrent lower back pain. It was evident from the beginning what a kind, compassionate person she is. We were thrilled to have her join our team in 2017. She takes wonderful care of our patients! She is also a photographer and mother to a sweet little boy!

Chiropractor Columbia mo

Marsha Leonard

We first met Marsha when she came in as a patient. She saw Dr. White for severe pain following an automobile accident. She saw firsthand the difference chiropractic care can make. She is a very kind-hearted individual and strives to help all our patients feel loved and welcomed!


Shelby Schondelmeyer

Shelby first came into the clinic as a patient of Dr. Monique's and her husband had been a patient of Dr. Carpentier's for a long time. After getting to know her and when we had an opening for a therapy assistant position-we offered her a job! If you've met her at the clinic, it's very obvious she is an extremely hard worker and very dedicated to patient care. She goes above and beyond to help our patients. She is a mom of 4 and has a fun-loving, joyful, and caring personality.


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