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The Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

Spinal ManipulationBack, joint, and muscle pains are often chronic (reoccurring) and can cause symptoms that radiate throughout the body. To mitigate these conditions, some patients get relief with a therapy called spinal manipulation, a chiropractic treatment that helps patients manage and reduce pain without the need for surgical procedures. Explore this treatment option with a chiropractor at Advanced Physical Health in Columbia, MO.

What Is Spinal Manipulation?
Patients who are suffering from back, joint, and muscle pains can often benefit from a treatment called spinal manipulation. It is a therapeutic technique that chiropractors use as an alternative to more invasive treatments, like surgery. In many cases of patients experiencing discomfort in the back, neck, and legs, the pain is caused due to the way their spines are aligned; by applying pressure to points along the spine, the chiropractor can restore proper alignment and relieve pain.

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation 
One of the most significant benefits of spinal manipulation is that it allows you to avoid surgery, which can be risky due to the need for anesthesia and inconvenient due to the required recovery time. When you visit our Columbia chiropractors for spinal manipulation treatments, you won’t have to take an extended period of time off from work. Instead, you merely need to make a few follow-up visits to ensure the most effective, long-term results.

Alongside the convenience, the medical effects of manipulation treatments can be far-reaching—they not only help improve pain symptoms, but they might also help with headaches, menstrual cramps in women, arthritic conditions, depression, and stress.

Your Appointment: What to Expect
The first step is a thorough chiropractic exam, which includes checking the muscles, taking imaging scans, and learning about your medical history. At the spinal manipulation appointment, your chiropractor will make every effort to ensure that you’re comfortable and relaxed. You’ll be given specific instructions on how to position your body before the doctor applies pressure to targeted areas. It is normal to hear popping sounds during the visit. The appointment for spinal manipulation (also called a chiropractic adjustment) will last for about 30 minutes.

Get Chiropractic Care
You may get the relief you’ve been looking for with spinal manipulation. Call (573) 446-2242 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Matthew White, Dr. Monique White and Dr. Sylvie Carpentier at Advanced Physical Health in Columbia, MO.

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