Sports Injuries


Athletes have been using chiropractic care for many years. Athletic populations of all levels, from school sports to world class athletes, utilize chiropractic because it is a drug-free way to better health and optimal performance. The goal of treatment after sports injuries is to promote natural healing and quicker recovery.

Dr. Monique has undergone advanced training in sports science and rehabilitation to understand an athlete’s individual needs. She has her Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and she is an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. She has volunteered as a team doctor for a local competitive cheerleading gym and treats gymnasts/cheerleaders regularly in the office. 

Sean Atkins, PhD, Exercise Physiologist states that, “I would estimate that in excess of 90% of all world-class athletes use Chiropractic care to prevent injuries and to increase their performance potential."

The chiropractic adjustment helps remove nerve interference to ensure that the body and joints function as efficiently as possible. Injuries happen with sports, however chiropractic care helps athletes recover as optimally as possible to be able to perform at their best. Studies even show that chiropractic care can help improve an athlete's ability to jump higher post ankle injury. Recently is has gained more attention from the media. Now, all 32 National Football League teams use chiropractors with the goals of optimizing the functionality, endurance, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain, low back pain, strains to hamstrings and quadriceps, and whiplash injuries.

Common Spinal Injuries: sports chiropractor Columbia mo

Injuries of the Extremities:

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2. Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) 2010

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