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"Text Neck" is a phenonmenon that describes the effects of poor posture while using media devices, especially our cell phones.

  • This condition is a collection of symptoms that often manifests as neck & back pain, shoulder tension, stiffness and headaches.  

  • "Text Neck" is repetitive insult results in damage on the spine, leading to postural imbalances such as forward head carriage and rounded shoulders. It can increase the risk of disc Disorders, neuropathic Pain and nerve Disorders

Often "Text Neck" manifests as... 

1. Anterior head carriage & 

2. Forward rounded shoulders 

The goal of chiropractic care with this condition is to help correct damage done to the spinal ligaments and discs; therefore restoring correct postural alignment of the spinal column.

Becoming informed about repetitive use injuries increases awareness throughout our day. Please be mindful of your posture and try to maintain a neutral spine when working and using technology.


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