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Mission Statement: Our mission is to help our patients pursue and achieve optimal health and well-being. Our practice works together to provide effective and excellent health care to our patients in a compassionate and healing environment. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

  • Listening to those we are privileged to serve.
  • Earn the trust and respect of patients, profession and community.
  • Exceed your expectations.
  • Strive for continuous improvement at all levels. 

Insurance: We accept the following healthcare plans, please call to verify your coverage.

  • Aetna 
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • American Health Group 
  • Cigna 
  • Coventry 
  • First Health 
  • Golden Rule 
  • Healthlink PPO & HMO 
  • Mail Handlers 
  • Medicare 
  • Mercy Health Plan 
  • PHCS 
  • UMR
  • United Health Care


What to Expect:  Our initial visit includes a thorough history and consultation, focused examination of your spine and/or extremities, any necessary imaging for proper diagnosis and report of findings. This assessments allows us to determine if and where your spine has structural and functional issues. We look forward to your first visit.

1) New Patient Paperwork: Our health history application helps us better understand any past traumas or stresses that may have a role to play with your current health condition. Chiropractic Registration & History 

2) Consultation with the Doctor: We will do a one-on-one consultation with each new patient. Be ready to provide your medical history, which will be essential for preparing a course of treatment for you. 

Chiropractor Columbia, MO

3) Physical Examination:  We perform a spinal and nervous system assessment to better understand your condition. The physical exam involves assessing the different joint segments along with its related muscles and nerves. Your chiropractor will evaluate the region and other regions that might be contributing to your condition. A chiropractic assessment includes orthopedic, neurological, and joint motion testing. 

Chiropractor Columbia, MO








4) Diagnostic Imaging: As indicated, we will take spinal radiographs. We are a full service x-ray center. When imaging is neccessary we have the technology on site to take a variety of films. If further imaging is necessary we will refer and co-collaborate.

5) Report of Findings: The doctor will review your case and give you a report including diagnosis, prognosis and treatment recommendations. If you are accepted as a chiropractic patient, you will be given a care plan. The doctor will do his or her best to answer the following questions:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Can chiropractic care help me? 
  • What is the recommended treatment?
  • How long before I start to feel better?

Chiropractor Columbia, MO






6) Beginning the Path of Healing: As care begins, some patients start to feel better quickly while others may take more time. You can be sure we will do our best to improve your health. Chiropractic corrective treatment serves to...

  • Reduce inflammation and symptoms
  • Restore joint and disc integrity
  • Improve range of motion
  • Restore nerve tissue health
  • Optimize physical function 

Chiropractor Columbia,MO

See: Chiropractic Care

Our Pillars of Care: 

  • Integrate evidence, clinical experience, and patient values 
  • Deliver expert chiropractic adjustments and other manual treatments
  • Embody a caring environment, effectiveness and patient satisfaction
  • Collaborate and coordinate care with other health professionals
  • Promote vitality, wellness and patient empowerment
  • Improve quality of life without drugs or surgery 

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