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At the office you will see many pamphlets, posters and projects for "Pascale's Pals," this is a volunteer organzation that is ran out of the clinic!  Our mission as the Pascale's Pals is to provide happiness to the children and ease the burden of the families during this time. It is our belief that happiness and health go hand-in-hand.



Pascale's Pals, Inc. is a local all volunteer organization that supports the children and families staying at the Women & Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. It was founded by Dr. Sylvie Carpentier in 1995 in honor of her daughter, Pascale White, who is a cancer survivor. The organization has continued for the past 20 years to help benefit the children and families here in mid Missouri.  


Along with a dedciated group from the community, all our doctors (Sylvie Carpentier, Matthew White, Monique White and fellow local chiropractor Lotta Timberlake) volunteer to manage the organization. 


We run Pascale's Pals out of the clinic in order to ensure we don't have the overhead costs of phone lines, monthly rent, cost of storage, etc. and all the funds we raise goes directly back to the children. Each year Pascale's Pals identifies projected needed to suppor the Women and Children's Hospital. These projects are done in addition to our ongoing missions to help children and their families during their stay at the hospital.   




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