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By Advanced Physical Health, P.C.
August 06, 2019
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Most people who live with chronic headaches and migraines try almost anything to get rid of them. However, are not aware that there is a Headpassageway to treatment that doesn't involve pharmaceuticals. Here at Advanced Physical Health, P.C., in Columbia, MO, we encourage those struggling with migraine and headache symptoms to come visit us and experience our non-invasive, relief-producing chiropractic techniques. Read on to learn more!


Common Reasons for Headaches and Migraines

  • Stress - The "fight or flight" response creates tension in the head.
  • Hormonal changes - Shifts in estrogen may worsen a headache.
  • Sensory overload - Loud sounds, strong smells, bright lights—all of these can provoke headaches and migraines.
  • Certain foods and eating habits - Salty processed foods may activate both, and so can skipping meals.
  • Sleep pattern - Too much or too little sleep could be a cause.


How Chiropractors Help Symptoms

As chiropractors, we undergo comprehensive training to help you in many ways. Studies have shown that patients with chronic headaches and migraines can benefit more from long-term chiropractic care as compared to drug therapy alone. Together, you and our team of chiropractors can devise a personalized treatment plan that will provide you with symptom relief.

Chiropractic care can serve as an effective preventative measure against the formation of headaches and migraines Here at Advanced Physical Health, P.C., in Columbia, MO, we use innovative approaches that include acupuncture, nutritional advice, passive therapy modalities, and chiropractic adjustments all to alleviate your discomfort.


Contact Us

If you are dealing with headaches and migraines, schedule a consultation here at Advanced Physical Health, P.C. in Columbia, MO to discuss treatment options. We can provide you with the right solution for your particular condition. For more information on headaches and migraines, visit our website. For questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment, please call (573) 446-2242.

By Advanced Physical Health, P.C.
March 05, 2019
Category: Chiropractic

Has your headache pain become so frequent that it regularly impacts your daily life? Are you confused about why you experience headache headaches and unsure on how to resolve them? At Advanced Physical Health in Columbia, MO, Dr. Sylvie Carpentier, Dr. Matthew White, and Dr. Monique White are the board-certified experts on chiropractic care and headache relief. Don't suffer—read on to learn how you can reduce your headaches and live a fuller life!


A common problem

The Canadian Chiropractic Association says that headache pain regularly plagues millions of people in North America. According to their report, 37 percent of women suffer tension headaches, while about half of that percentage applies to men.

Other kinds of headaches include:

  • Migraines, with their characteristic light sensitivities, nausea, and long-lasting throbbing pain.
  • Cervicogenic Headaches, which most likely arise from misalignments and muscular tension associated with the neck.
  • Cluster Headaches, a type more common to men that causes stabbing pains often precipitated by weather changes or poor sleep habits.

Unfortunately, the genesis of these episodic-to-chronic discomforts can be difficult to pinpoint. That's where your Columbia chiropractor comes in!

When you come to Advanced Physical Health, your chiropractor will discuss your headache symptoms with you and perform a complete review of your complete medication/medical history to determine which conditions which could be contributing to your headaches.

Additionally, because chiropractic care focuses on your spinal health, they will also investigate your spinal function from the cervical spine through the thoracic area, and then all the way to the lumbar and sacral region. Afterward, you will receive a care plan that targets the therapies specific to conditions uncovered upon examination, including the sources of your headache.


Your headache care plan

All chiropractic care takes a hands-on, holistic approach to heal your acute/chronic issues and to promote an ongoing level of health and well-being. As such, you and your chiropractor will work to identify possible headache triggers and to create habits which limit them.

For instance, simple stretching on a daily basis takes blood and nutrients to muscles and nerves, allowing your spine to function at its best. Adequate hydration and nutrition are essential, as is proper posture, particularly in the cases of cervicogenic headaches. During treatment, your chiropractor will correct any subluxations in your spine and may also add massage therapy or even acupuncture treatments to keep you feeling healthy and functioning well.


Find out more

The professional team at Advanced Physical Health encourages routine chiropractic examinations and adjustments to optimize spinal health. For more information on what you can do to be headache-free, call our office for a consultation: (573) 446-2242.

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